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Femme Running | Asics Dynamis femmes chaussure de running Noir

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Malheureusement, la description de ce produit n’est disponible qu’en anglais pour le moment. × Asics Dynamis Women’s Running Shoe For runners who want to dramatically improve their PB’s, whils…

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Malheureusement, la description de ce produit n’est disponible qu’en anglais pour le moment.
Asics Dynamis Women’s Running Shoe
For runners who want to dramatically improve their PB’s, whilst not compromising the cushioning and support that you are used to, the lightweight Asics Dynamis Women’s Running Shoe will put you in a great position to go faster than ever before.
Lightweight Upper
The extremely lightweight upper of the Dynamis helps to keep the overall weight of the shoe to a minimum. By having this, the feet feel free to move quickly and sharply without any excess and unnecessary weight to hold you back. Air can easily flow in and out of the shoe, keeping your feet feeling fresh and ventilated, which will make you want to push harder and go faster. As you begin to sweat, the airflow will remove the moisture created within the shoe, and the material will wick it away quickly and efficiently, which will make sure that you will stay comfortable and dry. Thicker coverage over the toes offers protection from bumps and shocks. Similarly, the heel walls are made of a thicker and stronger material, which will hold your foot in place, which will prevent injuries from occurring. Within the shoes, there is a seamless construction, which will prevent irritation from chafing and rubbing. The shoe uses a Boa Fit lacing system, which will ensure supreme fit and comfort. The laces within this are lightweight and strong, able to be pulled to an extremely high tension without being damaged. When tightening the shoes, there is a dial which you can twist to increase tension, or quickly release them. Low friction guides will ensure a smooth closure, making the whole system easy and uncomplicated to use. A loop on the flat-lying tongue makes it easy to adjust to fit on your forefoot comfortably. Using the Mono-Sock Technology Fit System, the tongue is more like an elastic sleeve which provides a sock-like fit. In the upper, there is DynaPanel, a Boa activated medial panel, which provides you with adaptive stability.
FlyteFoam Midsole
Soft cushioning is guaranteed in the midsole with Asic’s FlyteFoam. Weighting less than 55% of the industry standard, yet just as cushioning, this will benefit you by lowering the overall weight of the shoe. Whether you are running a short distance, to a lot further, you will always be comfortable and protected with the durable material. In addition to this, the FlyteFoam technology provides exceptional bounce back and responsiveness, which will give you an extra spring in your step. Covering the whole of the midsole, there is also SpevaFoam. This material will give the platform a softer feel, therefore improving comfort. The Trusstic System, another lightweight technology developed by Asics reduces the weight of the sole unit, whilst also retaining the structural integrity of the shoe, making it more durable and stronger. Should you need to use a medical orthotic, the sockliner is removable, making you able to place a separate insole easily, and fitting comfortably.
AHAR Outsole
Asics have used their AHAR material on the outsole of the Dynamis. The high abrasion rubber is able to look after itself when subject to abuse from rocky ground and uneven terrain below. In addition to this, the rubber is able to form a strong grip with a wide range of ground, which will give you the confidence of control and traction. Multi-directional lugs are deep and positioned strategically to help with certain actions like take-offs, braking and sudden changes of direction. Down the centre of the outsole, the shoe uses Guidance Line Midsole Technology. This vertical flexible groove expands on every step, which will spread the energy from every step, which will provide supreme energy transfer, as well as reduce the risk of damage.
Depuis plus de 50 ans ASICS a fourni un grand choix de chaussures de course et vêtements de sport de haute qualité avec une gamme de conceptions qui ont revolutionnées le monde du sport. Chez nous, vous trouverez les dernières chaussures, chausettes et vêtements de course à pied et vêtements de fitness et musculation.
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Malheureusement, la description de ce produit n’est disponible qu’en anglais pour le moment.
Lightweight Upper
– Supremely lightweight upper keeps the shoes weight down.
– Air can flow in and out of the shoe easily, keeping the feet feeling fresh and ventilated.
Moisture Wicking
– Sweat is wicked away from the feet and shoe efficiently.
Toe Guard
– Thicker coverage over the toes protect them from bumps and knocks.
Heel Walls
– Strong walls prevent the heel from sliding out of place, which will prevent injuries.
Seamless Construction
– Prevents rubbing and chafing from irritating the skin.
Boa Fit Lacing
– Ensures supreme fit and comfort with strong, secure and easily adjusted laces.
Tongue Loop
– Adjust the shape and feel of the tongue with a loop.
Mono-Sock Technology
– The tongue is an elastic sleeve which provides a sock-like fit.
– Boa activated medial panel which provides adaptive stability.
– Lightweight yet extremely cushioning midsole technology.
Responsive Midsole
– Bounceback is guaranteed with the responsive and reactive midsole.
– Soft feeling material improves comfort.
Trusstic System
– Lightweight technology that improves the structual integrity of the shoe.
Removable Insole
– Easily remove the insole and replace with a customised or preferred one.
– Durable rubber is abrasion-resistant and provides supreme grip and traction.
Multi-Directional Lugs
– Strategically places lugs assist with certain movements.
Guidance Line
– Energy is dispersed evenly across the outsole, improving response and making damage less likely.
Staack Height
– 20mm
Heel to Toe Drop
– 8mm
– 269g


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