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Homme Tennis | Asics Court FF chaussures de tennis Jaune

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Malheureusement, la description de ce produit n’est disponible qu’en anglais pour le moment. × Asics Court FF Tennis Shoes Dominate all of your opponents with the Asics Court FF Tenn…

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Malheureusement, la description de ce produit n’est disponible qu’en anglais pour le moment.
Asics Court FF Tennis Shoes
Dominate all of your opponents with the Asics Court FF Tennis Shoes. With multiple lightweight and performance-enhancing technologies, the tennis shoes will ensure that you will gain an advantage on the court.
Lightweight Upper
Enjoy a comfortable, lightweight and tailored fit with the mesh upper. By keeping the weight of the whole shoe down, this you to move around the court quickly with ease and speed. With a breathable membrane, the feet are kept cool by a constant airflow in and out for ventilation. In addition to this, moisture from sweat is wicked away efficiently, which will further ensure that the shoe remains feeling light. For protection, the PGuard covers the toes, which will absorb any shocks from stubbings or other bumps on court. As well as this, the heel is also held in place by firm walls. Over time, this feels personalised which will increase long-term comfort, helping you get through long sets. Up the foot laces with a flat-lying tongue will mean that you will always be able to find the perfect and secure fit. An Ortholite sockliner within the shoe delivers soft long-lasting comfort with moisture-wicking benefits, that will keep you going during long matches.
FlyteFoam Midsole
The tennis shoe uses FlyteFoam, Asics’ developed midsole material that returns supreme rebound as well as having fantastic shock-absorption. As well as this, the midsole is the lightest midsole material ever produced by Asics, which means that you will have all of the premium benefits at with very little weight added to it. In addition to this, the midsole uses Solyte, an EVA developed by Asics ordinarily used in marathon and racing shoes due to its shape retention and high performance over along period of time. For increased protection on heavy impacts with the ground, the shoe uses Rear and Fore Foot Gel Cushioning. This will protect uses when making sharp turns and accelerations, where more pressure is applied. Keeping the feet in a stable position, whilst spreading energy evenly across the midsole, the Impact Guidance System keeps the foot in a neutral position when running. Using the DuoMax system, injuries are prevented by having the stress from overpronation reduced. For further support and stability in the midfoot, the Trusstic System distributes weight and energy evenly.
AHAR Outsole
Designed especially for hard tennis courts, the AHAR outsole not only provides the shoe with abrasion-resistance hard impacts on the ground, but it will also give you supreme grip and hold to help you stay in control. Able to form a solid base with the surface, this means accelerations, braking and sudden changes of direction are supported and controlled. Multi-directional lugs means further increase underfoot control, as they are able to grip when certain movements are made.
Depuis plus de 50 ans ASICS a fourni un grand choix de chaussures de course et vêtements de sport de haute qualité avec une gamme de conceptions qui ont revolutionnées le monde du sport. Chez nous, vous trouverez les dernières chaussures, chausettes et vêtements de course à pied et vêtements de fitness et musculation.
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Malheureusement, la description de ce produit n’est disponible qu’en anglais pour le moment.
Lightweight Upper
– Lightweight mesh surrounds the shoe for a tailored fit.
Breathable Membrane
– Airflow can enter and exit the shoe to keep the feet feeling fresh and cool.
Moisture Wicking
– Sweat is wicked away keeping the shoe lightweight.
– The toes are protected from bumps and knocks on court.
Personalised Heel
– Over time the heel moulds to the shape of the foot.
Secure Comfortable Laces
– Up the foot laces and a flat-lying tongue ensure a comfortable fit.
Ortholite Sockliner
– Long-lasting comfort and moisture wicking insole.
FlyteFoam Midsole
– Supreme rebound and fantastic shock absorption with ultra-lightweight midsole.
Solyte EVA
– EVA ordinarily used in marathon and racing shoes due to its long lasting comfort.
Rear and Fore Foot Gel Cushioning
– Protection from heavy contacts with the ground.
Impact Guidance System
– The foot is kept in a neutral position for stability.
DuoMax System
– Prevents overpronation from causing injuries.
Trusstic System
– Energy and weight is distributed evenly across the midfoot.
AHAR Outsole
– Designed especially for hard courts, the anti-abrasion outsole provides solid traction.
Performance Enhancing Grip
– Accelerations, braking and changes of direction are assisted and improved by the grip.
Multi-Directional Lugs
– Underfoot control further increased with multi-directional lugs.
Heel to Toe Drop
– 10.5mm


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